Buddhafield pitch

Wild Solar started in 2015, providing power and device charging at festivals. Recognising the need for small-scale, light-touch and beautiful solar installations in fields, we developed our bespoke rig in 2016. We now provide power for site and stage-lighting, sound systems, crew areas and mobile phone charging at events in the South West & Wales.

Wild Solar is a little different. Our solar rig is available for hire on a stand-alone basis, but for certain events we are able to provide power in exchange for tickets and a pitch. We then cover our costs through mobile phone charging. We’re also a little different in that we nearly always offer a 24/7 phone ‘charging by donation‘ booth, to make sure everyone always has access to the sun’s bounteous gifts. We also offer a range of workshops.

Jonathan Rouse

We have a state of-the-art solar rig. We are fully insured, and our mains supply includes the same safety protection as a domestic installation. Our rig integrates with our beautiful maroon 1958 Safari caravan. Along with various crew and kids as required, the caravan often accompanies the rig.

Wild Solar is a spin-off of Wild Stoves, run by Jonathan Rouse who has toured festivals promoting clean wood combustion and rocket stoves since 2010. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or book us for an event.