Power-pack hire for mobile phones

Mobile phone charging

PowerAdd5000mAhRather than store lots of phones in our caravan, we rent out power packs to enable people to charge their own devices as they enjoy events. The power packs have a capacity of about 5500 mAh, sufficient for at least one full charge of a smartphone. An iPhone 5 has a battery of capacity 1500mAh; a Samsung Galaxy is about 2200mAh.

The power packs have a standard USB socket on them, so are compatible with most power cables. They deliver charge at 2.4A; as fast as the best mains plugin chargers.

People tend to really like this system, rather than handing over their £600 smartphone in the middle of a field. We generally charge £10 refundable deposit and £3 per charge. We can also lend out a range of cables where required.

We us the best quality power packs, and re-use them from year to year to minimise their environmental impact.

Laptops, e-cigarettes, cameras…

We have 5V USB, 12V and 240V mains power outlets available, and are able to charge pretty much anything. These are priced based on power consumption.

We have even been known to power up hair tongs – among some of life’s other bare necessities!

Electric wheelchair battery charging

We are always happy to charge wheelchair batteries free of charge, where power supply and the sun allows.

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