24/7 charging by donation: meet the ‘Dana Charger’

Dana Charger

We want to make solar power available for everyone and so although most of our charging is done by rented power packs we also have a charging point available 24/7 with a donation box. It takes a lot of effort and technology to make 5V USB sockets appear in the middle of a field! So we invite people to be generous, but operate it on a ‘pay what you can and take what you need’ basis. Not everyone has cash to spare for a full charge.

We – rather cheesily – named this charging point the ‘Dana Charger’ during the 2016 season. ‘Dana’ is the Buddhist practice of giving. This Pali word encompasses something more than just paying for a service, and embodies generosity. It is part of the practice of offering teaching (or in this case electrons) on trust that people will be sufficiently generous to enable it to continue to be offered. Sometimes we donate takings from our donations to a worthy charity or project.

The Dana Charger always proves popular;  people can grab charge anytime they like and pay what they can.

It’s an interesting experiment in making a livelihood from the sun, and we hope we can make it continue.

The Dana Charger can also be planted in a cafe or incorporated into a bar – call us to discuss!

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