Artist charcoal-making workshop

Artist charcoal making workshop

As Wild Solar is run by the Wild Stoves team, we have a wealth of knowledge on wood energy, efficiency and burning. This workshop combines our knowledge with hands-on activity (involving fire!) and the opportunity to walk away with a little tin of home-made charcoal.

Artist charcoal workshop

Artist charcoal MN

Artist charcoal can be made from sticks of most woods. Our workshops take adults or supervised children on a journey from sticks to charcoal: collecting the raw materials, packing them into tins, and heating them on a fire until they have ‘pyrolysed’ into charcoal.

Into this workshop we weave insights on what wood and charcoal are and how the combustion and charcoal processes work. We can also talk about other uses for charcoal – including biochar, a soil conditioner and method of carbon-capture.

Finally – we can also offer life-drawing workshops (when we have willing models!) where we provide paper and guidance to draw someone au-naturelle with nature!

Bushcraft charcloth

Variations on the workshops include making ‘charcloth’, a remarkable material made simply from heated cotton fabric. Widely used in bushcraft, it can be ignited by a single spark from a flint & steel.


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